Printed Circuit Board Layout

We can design the printed circuit board of your circuit using the latest CAD tools in the market. We do multilayer layout, digital, analog, high power, high speed buses (USB, HDMI, RF antennas, etc.) and also export your board to Solidworks for mechanical integration.

R & D

When developing a new product or idea, we adhere to a classic engineering approach which always begins with the research and development (R&D for short) of the best technology available to solve your particular problem.....

Circuit Design

Our electronics hardware design engineers work for you by designing cost-effective and efficient hardware that will be implemented into various types of electronics. We can create designs that are not only of the lowest-possible cost to our customers, but also reliable and high quality.

Automated Test fixtures

Testing is the main way of maintaining high quality products. Manual test can be tedious, time-consuming and prone to human errors. We can automate the test tasks of your electronic boards to improve production yields while being in compliance with industry regulations.


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