Electrical Engineering Services

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Circuit Design

From “Napkin” designs to complex Technical Requirements, we can develop and engineer a custom electronic circuit solution for your product. Our services go from initial prototype to final production. Regardless of your industry, our designers and engineers are highly experienced in the field of electronics design, with the skills and commitment to deliver innovative circuit board design, electronic circuit design, hardware design, and more to ensure your products can reach the market on a timely manner so your business can compete.

Electronics circuit Prototyping

The first step in achieving a great electronic product is to develop a quick prototype to have a preliminary overview of the performance and cost of the circuit in your product. Our engineers can develop prototype circuits using different techniques and universal kits like: embedded platforms DevKits (Arduino, Nucleo boards, Raspberry Pi, FPGA boards), Sensors, Motor Controllers, Power supplies, among others.

Formal Schematic Entry

After going through the proper R&D (research and development) and prototyping cycles, we will develop the formal schematic of your circuit. We will select the correct electronic components, create its symbols, and all the interconnections that will form the circuit. Circuit Schematic entry is a vital step in the electronics design process since it links the design to: Cost Analysis, Electronic Simulation, Printed Circuit Board Design, Firmware development, Risk Analysis and Design Control (DHF).

Embedded Circuit Design

Literally, there is no modern electronic design that does not include any kind of embedded microprocessor in it. At Microelectronicos we have been designing solutions based on microcontrollers for decades. We have experience with platforms like: STM32 STMicroelectronics, PIC Microchip, ATMega Atmel, Freescale, Nordic, TI Texas Instruments, Silicon Labs, Xilinx and Altera FPGAs, SOM modules, among others.

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Sensor Integration

Electronic sensors are everywhere. They make possible the interface between our real analog environment and the digital world. We are experts in sensor integration; we can select the best sensor(s) for your application, design and develop the proper signal conditioning so your sensor can be integrated into the main electronics circuit of your product. We can develop applications using sensors like: Pressure, Temperature, Motion, Speed, Light, Force, position, Biometrics, among others. We have successfully integrated sensors inside products like Medical, Industrial and Consumer electronics.

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