Brake Monitor


Our customer requested the re-design of an industrial measuring device capable of registering the time an industrial press takes to stop after the operator had hit the Emergency Stop button, this with the purpose of personnel safety as per OSHA standards.

Microelectronicos developed this board based on the STM32 ARM microcontroller, the measuring of the speed is done by using dedicated external watchdogtimers (on board), connecting a digital encoder to the shatf of the press and programing the interrupts of the microcontroller properly, along with the pulse counting capabilities of the Microcontroller. The resolution in the measurement is in the microsecond range.

Technologies and Peripherals used

  • ARM Microcontroller, STM32F411RE
  • EEPROM memory for logging capabilities
  • Three safety relays configured in series for redundancy
  • On board AC-DC and DC-DC converters
  • Fuses, interchangeables
  • Color LCD
  • Optoisolated output (to interface with PLC device)
  • Load Protection
  • Buzzer and Leds for audible and visual alarms
  • Interface to Membrane for operator inputs
  • On board Real-Time-Clock
  • Mezzanine board for hosting a Bluetooth board for IoT connectivity

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