About Us

Who we are

We are a group of seasoned engineers with a combined professional experience of more than 70 years. Our engineers have been working in the most demanding engineering industries of our times: Aerospace, Biomedical engineering, Telecommunications and Controls. Each of our team members has a unique set of expertise in developing, prototyping and designing electronic solutions for a wide range of customers.

Meet the Team

Andres Caballero Principal Electrical Engineer (High Speed/Optics)

Andres has recently joined Microelectronicos team! He has successfully delivered high complex electronics and products for Consumer Electronics, Heavy Industrial, Oil & Gas, Space and IC Industries. He has extensive knowledge & experience in embedded systems & hardware design from concept to manufacture. Andres has a professional experience of over 20 years working in very demanding electronic industries like avionics, military, communications among others. His focus is on virtual reality, high speed PCB layout, vision, embedded design around FPGA and implementation. Andres holds a Master's of Science in Electronic and Computer Engineering from Andes University (Bogota, Colombia).

Giovanni Gonzalez Principal Electronics Engineer

Giovanni is a skilled and professional electronic engineer with more than 23 years of experience designing equipment for the following industries: Aerospace, Medical, Consumer Electronics and Telecommunications. Giovanni is a very capable engineer, better, he is an excited and enthusiastic designer. Giovanni worked in all phases of the design process, developing requirements, creating and verifying electronics designs and designing validation and verification test fixtures. In our very small facility, he actively sought out requirements, he willingly took on new assignments that were beyond his prior experience, and delivered strong, useful and well thought out systems. He would be a strong asset for any engineering group and a welcomed member of any team.

Harold Ruiz Sr. Mechatronics Engineer/Designer

Harold is particularly expert in the Aerospace and automotive industry. Harold is a delight to work with. His design skills are excellent and of the highest quality. On a recent Project, Harold was key to the interior design of a new General Aviation airplane. But in addition, he facilitated every step necessary to create a fully featured prototype. This included knowing and finding excellent vendors. As a manager I loved one quality above all. Harold makes people work together - happily. Somehow, his involvement neutralizes bad attitudes. Harold is someone you can build a department around.

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