Light Controller


Our customer approched us with a very clear idea of what was needed. They already had a functional electronic prototype of their circuit on a bread-board. The product idea was to develop a custom controller PCB for a very powerful LED light to be used during professional photography sessions (entertainment industry). Their prototype, eventhough was functional, was not production-ready and needed a custom circuit and PCB design. The initial controller used an Arduino-based board with some firmware already written for it.

Original prototype circuit provided by our Customer, proof of concept
Printed Circuit Board (PCBA) designed by Microelectronicos, ready for production


Our engineering design team, rapidly improved the initial prototype by adding a better DC-DC converter. The Arduino board was changed by a dedicated ATMega processor on board with less components than the original arduino board. The schematic of the circuit was generated and then exported to the PCB design tool and sent to our customer for approval.

Our final release package was:

  • Electronics Schematic in PDF format
  • Gerber Files for the Printed Circuit Board
  • 3D Model in Step file so mechanical engineer could verify overall PCBA size and connector location
  • Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • Basic Firmware to control light intensity by means of PWM
  • Test report on current consumption and voltage drop on the interconnection cables due to high current of the load (LED lights).

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