Our Services

Our Services

Microelectronicos has been provided turn-key electronic design services to many customers in Southern California since 2012. Our professional experience and trajectory allow us to generate high quality, fast and reliable solutions to our clients.

We are aware that many medium and small-size companies cannot afford the luxury of having a dedicated/full-time team of electronic engineers and designers.  This is also pretty common with start-ups where budget is limited and companies are still in their formation stage trying to put together a new product or idea. Most of these companies require the development of very reliable and fast prototypes in order to get business traction and gain the needed trust from investors that allow them to raise funding capital to their business ventures and grow big in a short period of time.

Under these circumstances, a bad or dysfunctional prototype can be a nightmare for these new entrepreneurs.

How far can outsourced development take a startup?
Some startups will build a prototype using an outsourced dev team to quickly and cheaply validate their product concept. If that step is successful, some would then hire an in-house dev team. When (if ever) is it a shrewd move to stick with outsourced development?

Outsourcing can help a start-up in a variety of  ways. While each outsourcing strategy is different, the outcome is  contingent on a few factors.

1) The Type of Start-up
Technology enabled  companies and pure technology companies both have different needs, thus  will need to evaluate outsourcing pros and cons with different criteria.

An eCommerce firm or marketplace company are  technology  enabled and did not build a company on patented software. Companies like  Google, Oculus Rift, and Skype are technology innovations as their  core value lies in their technology.

2) The Outsourced Partner
If  the outsourced  partner has relevant experience with remote relationships and the client  is willing to communicate regularly, this type of relationship can  last for a long time.

3) Chief Technical Officers
It is  important to consider whether the company has someone who drives  technology or product in house such as a VP Engineering, CTO or Head of  Product.

If  a company is technology enabled with a head of product and selects a great outsourcing partner, then they can scale  the company with an outsourced team. Most firms will build small  in house development teams as they scale or often will buy out the  outsourced team. A great example of this is how Fab was able to scale up their business with an outsourced team.

Pure tech companies like Oculus Rift could not get very far if they outsourced their entire  product since the value of the company is based on technological  innovation. These types of companies can use outsourced teams to augment their in house  development team and work on the parts  of the technology that are not part of their core Intellectual Property.

Today, many firms leverage remote development teams but the key is to establish solid work processes to build a good  relationship between the remote teams.

Microelectronicos delivers innovative solutions by providing engineering expertise to develop your technical project. From concept to completion, we will offer a wide array of engineering services to support your project requirements. Our main services are:

  • R&D
  • Circuit Design
  • Test Analysis and Validation
  • Documentation
  • Embedded Hardware Design
  • Embedded Software Design
  • Reverse Engineering
  • PCB/System Engineering
  • PCB Fabrication (Rigit Flex, FR4-170Tg)
  • PCB Analysis
  • Printed Circuit Board CAD Layout
  • PCB Footprint and Esquematic Design Capturing
  • Analog /Mixed Signal Analysis
  • Motherboard and Daughter CAD Designs
  • Electrical Design Engineering
  • Software prototyping consulting services
  • Software and firmware development
  • App development